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Family trait...

Posted by Sun News Online on 2007/02/26 | Views: 2592 |

Family trait...

Regina Askia, prominent Nigerian actress and former Miss Nigeria has hit the third or even fourth level of her life.

Regina Askia, prominent Nigerian actress and former Miss Nigeria has hit the third or even fourth level of her life. Like the leopard that would never change its spots, the actress who shifted base some years ago to the US has hit it big and fast as fashion exponent, and lately as model.

But that might not be as much news since she has always been in the entertainment arena, not only that she has already co-opted or groomed her teen daughter, Stephanie, who is just 15 to hit the fast tracks of celebrity life as a model. Theirs seem to be a novel dimension to society people in Nigeria where mum and daughter occupy the same stage the same time.

You will well remember the beauty product of Nigerian industrialist and businessman, Mr. Oliver Ubani known as 2000-N-Six. He started the product line with Ten-O-Six, the cleansing cream and oil that made waves for years. The products – soap and oil, have been repackaged, rebranded and repositioned to create better effect.

Ubani’s trip to US late last year served as an avenue to the opening of a new vista to the product as he signed on Regina and her daughter, Stephanie, as the faces that now adorn the products.

Back to the tube
Very soon, Ubani assured, the pretty faces of the mum and her charming, tender and delicately beautiful daughter would grace every screen in every home in Nigeria. Mr. Ubani calls it ‘marketing effect’.
"Regina has been around for quite a long time in the minds of society-minded Nigerians, it would be marketing wisdom to make her resurface like an apparition in the kleiglight world. Many Nigerians, I know must have been wondering what must have become of Regina Askia after her face became scarce in the movie industry.

They would also be guessing how they would set eyes on her again. You know these products and our other range of products have tenacious inclination to show business because we have come to know that actors and actresses make the best of models. As a result, OliverSweet Nigeria Limited, owner of the products created last year a soap opera – Sweet Angels that has been running on most Nigerian TV stations and on DSTV. That platform has made some good mark in entertainment, indirect marketing and moral education against the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Now we had to go to US to seek out Regina and to add some spice on it, her daughter – both of who have been endorsing great brands in US lately".

A new find
"Stephanie Honecker, Regina’s daughter is sizzling hot and looks far more mature than her age. When we got her signature on 2000-N-Six, we knew it was a clincher for the right intention. She has featured in the TV, billboard and product segments of the deal.

Stephanie is the new face that has replaced the model on our soap and cleanser. So, when users of the product see the new face, it is a sign that the product itself has been rejuvenated in quality and packaging, especially now the production is in Nigeria. We had to use a Nigerian face to repackage a now truly Nigerian product for the Nigerian market. Anyone that sees the new pack would simply and immediately notice the advancement we had always longed for".

For all ages
"The philosophy behind the choice of the models is the popularity of Regina", Ubani noted.
The great promise her daughter, Stephanie has in the entertainment industry as an upcoming model and the new sensation the mix would convey is something else.

It is also a message that the product is one for all ages and generations. It is for the mother, as it also does not serve as taboo to the younger generation – the daughter. The pair is a big idea", he instructed.

Fashion magnate
When Saturday Sun put a call across to Regina Askia late Monday morning, she was awakened from her early morning sleep in US. She however admitted to the deal, although the pictures taken in US were already in the hands of Saturday Sun and the DVD clip running on the screen at Ubani’s home in Lagos could not be fluke.

She however declined to speak further but would rather preferred she would be sent a complete questionnaire via internet for a full interview. But the much gathered from her before the phone went dead was that she and the daughter endorsed 2000-N-Six because of the confirmed quality of the product.

Saturday Sun also gathered that Regina has some clothe lines, that is wears after her trade name and personal identity which are doing great in the US market. Generally, Regina and now the daughter remain celebrated Nigerian exports in the US.

Several photographs of the duo showed them in various outfits and poses that say volumes about their blossoming career together as exclusively reported.

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