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FATAL PULL: One violent drag on his organ, wife sends man to early grave – Police

Posted by By PEACE DIBIE on 2005/03/06 | Views: 733 |

FATAL PULL: One violent drag on his organ, wife sends man to early grave – Police

An angry woman has allegedly sent her man to his grave, prematurely, by pulling at his manhood.

•I didn’t do it, wife insists

An angry woman has allegedly sent her man to his grave, prematurely, by pulling at his manhood.

That is the theory the police in Ajegunle area of Lagos are working on to solve the mystery surrounding the death of one Sunday Ehemowo, found death in a room.

At the Tolu Police Station, they told Saturday Sun that the suspect, Endurance Uwafor, had allegedly in a moment of blind passion, grabbed Ehemowo’s organ, pulled it and then left home after he died.

They said at No 20, Market Street, off Tolu in Ajegunle, the scene of the crime, they said they found that the 44-year-old man had a fight with his wife in the night and was found dead in the morning.

Witnesses were said to have told the police that the couple allegedly fought the previous night after the woman complained that her family did not like the man and he was a drunk.
The detectives said they met the man’s corpse facing upwards, with injuries on his private part. They said Uwafor, when confronted, said she did not sleep at home the night of their alleged fight but only returned the next morning to find Ehemowo dead.

I’m innocent
In fact, the 37-year-old woman maintained her claim of innocence throughout the period Saturday Sun spoke with her. "I did not kill Sunday", she said, and even denied being his wife.
The woman, who hails from Afena in Auchi, Edo State, said Ehamowo did not pay any dowry on her and that was why she refused bearing his surname.
"My children said they don’t like him and even my family, but I don’t know what killed him", she told Saturday Sun.

Didn’t sleep at home
Uwafor said she suspected that Ehemowo must have been sick and that was why he scattered the house but wouldn’t know what killed him. "He is always sick because of ogogoro and when it starts, he starts throwing away everything. But to God, I did not sleep in that house that night". Rather, she claimed to have slept in her canteen and only returned home in the morning to take her bath.
"Because there was no bathroom in the canteen, so I decided to go home. It was when I got home that I found out that the door was open. Meanwhile, I knew he was supposed to be at home, but when I opened the door, I saw somebody lying on the ground and the whole house was scattered".

He refused to go away
The suspect said she had treid everything to make Ehemowo leave her alone to no avail. She allegedly reported him to his father and the police at the Tolu Station in Ajegunle, sometime last year, asking them to help plead with Ehemowo to leave her house, but he refused.

"I did not kill him. On Monday morning, which was February 28, I came back from my canteen where I slept and found the door of my house open. I saw somebody lying on the floor and everywhere was scattered, so I ran to call one of his relations who went into the house and started shouting that he was dead. So I decided to go back to the shop because I was afraid. I decided to stay in one of the shop close to mine".

However, she claimed, before she returned to her canteen, Ehemowo’s relations had gone to arrest her salesgirls, in her stead. "Later, somebody came to me that the Baale wanted to see me in his palace. On getting there, the Baale phoned the police and they arrested me".

He’s not my husband
Uwafor said Ehemowo was just her friend. She said the relationship started when he stood as guarantor for her when she wanted to rent an apartment. "He is not my husband, he did not pay my bride price. I was formerly married to Samuel Uwafor, a Customs officer and I had two kids for him. He died in 1991 by accident on his way to work. After his death, his family took responsibility for my kids and gave me some money. So I used it to open a canteen where I met Sunday in 1997. I needed to rent an apartment but the landlord insisted that I had to bring somebody to sign for me, so I told Sunday who agreed. Since then, he was always sleeping in my house. Later, he was given quit notice because he was unable to pay his house rent.

Not only that he drinks ogogoro very much, he had no work. I only wanted to help him till he got a job", she said.
The police said the corpse had been move to the Lagos Island General Hospital for autopsy and preservation.

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