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Woman to Women : How to attract your own husband

Posted by By Folake Aina on 2005/03/06 | Views: 4998 |

Woman to Women : How to attract your own husband

YOU won't believe it but every woman has the inbuilt ability to get any man she wants. But it is so sad that too many women just settle for anything that comes their way or nothing at all.

YOU won't believe it but every woman has the inbuilt ability to get any man she wants. But it is so sad that too many women just settle for anything that comes their way or nothing at all.

If you do decide to get married, it should happen. You will go for the best, never settling for less. You don't have to be embarrassed, pressured and feel useless because you are not married. There is a man out there for you. Maybe there are some things you have been doing wrong. And if you are in a relationship, there is a lot of room to improve yourself and do things right.

Don't be so hooked up with the fact that you have to get married that you have totally lost life's worth, and you scare every man away. If you are not in a relationship, it will come. You are the best. Your man is on the way. My advice is live one day at a time, giving your best to your life.

Never get to a place where you give up and think you are too old, you think you have expired, and nothing good can happen to you. Age is a thing of the mind.

Your good qualities should be more than physical beauty. Inner beauty is a meek and quiet spirit ? You are not threatening those around you, you do not compete, you don't demand your rights, and get your way all the time. Meekness is not weakness. It is strength under control.

Those who got married before you are not better than you, they only played it right. Know that you have been fearfully and wonderfully made. And your time is coming. That much I can guarantee.

The problem most women have is that they are their own problem. They don't act right, they don't look good, and they are very greedy. Some women are naturally gorgeous. But majority of women have to make an effort. Do what suits you and makes you look good. Men are sight motivated. Your looks will attract him before he gets closer to know the real you.

Many men are watching you. Believe it. Some men might watch and study a woman for years without her knowing before finally making any move. You need to adopt the right attitude and personality.

There are two kinds of attitude. One attitude says "Here I am." The other says "here you are." (For one, the focus is on "Me". For the other, the focus is on others). Which one are you? Many men are thrown off by the here I am woman. She is good for a fling, but not good enough to be a wife. She does not care for anyone but herself.

You have to look quality, talk quality, think quality, and expose yourself to quality.

In your entertainment and social life, watch what feeds your mind. You find out that the most useless men are the ones you find in most useless places. If you make sure that your circle of friends are good people, a good man will locate you.

Every woman has an idea of the kind of man they want to marry. A good man. Don't look for a perfect man. That would be disaster. He does not need anybody. He is already complete. There is no such man. You can attract your husband just by being a good looking, intelligent, good and considerate woman.

There are some things a woman does that put off a man.

If you are going to attract a husband, you have to have the qualities of a wife. You must be able to submit. Men don't like aggressive and domineering women. For some women, every man that shows a little interest, they see as a potential husband. That will scare any man away. Even if you like a man. At that stage of the relationship, don't show it. You can position yourself in places where you'll meet him, without letting him know you were looking out for him. Be smart.

Let me tell you a secret. If you treat all men you meet as a brother and a friend, you will win the heart of some men. Don't see every man as a potential husband, see them as a friend. Don't try too hard. If you are too serious and looking or acting desperate for a husband, this would scare any man away. When you are well behaved at all times, the man will just stay afar, and watch you, and he will begin to imagine you as wife... If you just talk to men anyhow, and you have no respect for every man around you, no man will be attracted to you. They will be afraid of you and conclude that this can't be a wife. Unless of course all you are looking for is a fling.

Some women are just so talkative. They talk a mile a minute. You will always get into trouble if you talk too much and anyhow.

The truth of life is that every woman should be able to get any man she desires. If a man is interested in you, and you act nice, but not interested, believe me, you got him.

Every smart woman, should know how to get any man she wants. Like I said before, have a subtle, godly nature. Any man loves challenges. It is that lovely, well behaved woman, that everyone says is hard to get, that most men will go all out to try to get.

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