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INTEL commends Obasanjo’s ict initiative

Posted by By ALEX AKAO on 2006/07/18 | Views: 2550 |

INTEL commends Obasanjo’s ict initiative

INTEL, the world leader in semiconductor design and engineering, has commended the bold efforts of the Federal Government.....

INTEL, the world leader in semiconductor design and engineering, has commended the bold efforts of the Federal Government to make computers affordable and available to all Nigerians under the recently launched CANI computer initiative.

The General Manager, Emerging Markets for Intel, Mr Mark Beckford, applauded the personal commitment and convictions of President Obasanjo to make Nigerians more at home with information technology and therefore bridge the technology gap between Nigeria and the developed world
Speaking to a special media presentation following the official launch of CANI at the Presidential villa, Mr Beckford stated that it would require this level of passion and commitment to achieve this noble but highly challenging goal of making computers available to all Nigerian.

The CANI project is public-private sector partnership, sponsored by the federal Ministry of Science and technology, Intel and Microsoft. Mr Mark Beckford, said we are highly impressed to see the personal resolve of the Nigerian President to democratise access of citizens to information technology, which has become the major driver of global economic growth. At Intel, we have the passions also and the resources to make this a reality.

Today, no tool is more fundamental to economic, educational and professional success than the personal computer. Is the essential appliance of our time, enabling people to work more efficiently and productively, communicate more effectively and explore the world. But full featured PCs remain too expensive or difficult for many people especially first tie users in developing countries. Yet these are the people who stand to benefit the most from widespread PC adoption.

This is why Intel has launched the Discover the PC initiative, to bring personal computing to developing market citizens who do no currently have access to a computer. Intel is introducing these low cost, full featured, easy to use PCs for home and work, Community PCs customised for public access kiosks.

Empowerment of rural and semi urban communities, through provision of access to the global knowledge economy has always been a key Intel objective. The transfer of appropriate skills, knowledge and technology to its vast network of partners across the globe will enable them to create brighter new tomorrows.

Through the Intel powered community PC, Intel seeks to seed rural communities with enabling technologies that will transform their lives, advance PC literacy and aid them into stepping into the digital age.

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