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Obasanjo Third-Term Bid: The Road to Perfidy

Posted by on 2005/11/15 | Views: 492 |

Obasanjo Third-Term Bid: The Road to Perfidy

President Obasanjo said one February Sunday morning in an interview relayed on national television and radio stations:

"When they talk about a hidden agenda, it is infuriating. It is annoying. Hidden agenda to do what? I don't do things like that, …what I know is that people impugn to others what they will do if they were in that position. People judge by their own standard. If they are in that position, they will have hidden agenda and we must fight that."

The BBC News reports that a Nigerian Senate sub-committee has proposed that Nigeria's presidents should be allowed a third term in office. The report further states, “The committee's recommendations are likely to be approved by MPs and Senators”, and “…The committee is analyzing their proposals so constitutional changes can be made before the 2007 elections”.

This move by the Senate finally validates what has been circulating in the Nigeria media for months. Many news agencies, pundits, opinion leaders have been making statements about a 3rd term agenda (check out this google search). Although the man in the middle of this controversy (I guess it isn’t one any longer) has made some half-hearted attempts to debunk this 3rd term agenda as rumors, but he is yet to made any visible efforts to shut up those clamoring for his third term!

Obasanjo administration has less than 2 years to go, yet the political terrain is still murky and it is unclear whom the likely successors would be. The ruling party (The People Democratic Party) has been coursed by his cronies and it is now dominated and controlled by those sympathetic to the 3rd term cause. He has successfully coaxed and weakened the national political structures; many are disorganized and are yet to present candidates for an election that is less than 2 years away.

The current events brewing at the highest echelon of power is highly suggestive of a man that wants to remain in power. And by having the Nigerian Senate literally "bulldoze and pave the road" for him is most unethical, highly treasonable, and simply perfidious.



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