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The rise 'n' rise of... Oluchi

Posted by ThisDay Online on 2004/08/11 | Views: 8383 |

The rise 'n' rise of... Oluchi

Yep, its our home girl alright, soaring and soaring. Ain't no stoppin for her, she is on the m-o-v-e . After being the toast of the judges four years ago, emerging as the pioneer winner of the face of Africa title, she is now the toast of the fashion world. If there is only one model who has made the M-net face of Africa so proud, its our dear own girl Oluchi Onweagba. After

Not only has she boost the face of Africa event, she has made New York based modelling agency's take keen interest in Nigeria in their source for leading models.

Three years ago, Sunday Times tipped her off as being the new black hope on the catwalk, with her highrising profile she may be fufilling that prediction.

Since her life turned into fairytale come-true four years ago, there has been no stopping for this young girl. Seeing her, you would almost believe she has been an uptown girl all her life. Indeed, this young girl has achieved a phenomenal success for her age.

At 21, she has sashayed down the runway for some of the most prominent names in the world of fashion. Big names like; Gucci, Gian francofere, Christian Dior, Giorgio Armani, Gap, DKNY, Victoria Secrets, Feregamo. Tommy Hilfiger, Channel, Jean Paul Gaultier,Gian Versace have hustled to have her do their campaigns in order to capture more attention for their designs. Oh yes, only the sleek svelte look of our dear girl can beef up those designs and give them the attention they deserve.

Her whirlpool career only means one thing, this girl is making mega-bucks from her busy schedule. There never seems to be a low season for her, she is still very hot-hot-hot. If she is not being branded as the face of Gap today, she is being happy for Clinique.

She is straddling her tall elegance for Banana republic these days, displaying outfits for the fashionable boutique on the pages of IN-Style magazine.

Its not surprising to turn on your television sets these days and see her as guest to leading talk show host like Oprah winfrey.

The elite model star has turned into a most sought after model and is being ranked with such big names like Naomi Campbell and Alek wek. Will she be another icon like Iman? Designers like Frank Osodi who have worked on the international scenes are willing to place their bet on it. He opines that, "as long as she keeps a clear head, and stays humble she will stay on top. Oluchi has a face that will withstand all the challenges of the catwalk , from her face you can get ten other faces, she has a face that can be transformed, you can change her looks to achieve whatever look you want to achieve, which is what the other face of Africa girl Bevinda Mundenge did not have. Oluchi has an enduring look that will see her through. " He confidently says.

Today in Nigeria, young girls are aspiring to wear Oluchi's shoes, the reigning Miss World Agbani Darego had attest to her being one of her role model's. Indeed this youngster has made a mark not only in the international scene but in the hearts of the teenage girls in her country. She has proved that, it is indeed possible to rise to the top in a white dominated runway and her success has given hope to many young Nigerian girls.

Despite her busy schedule, she is still very much a home girl. She sneaked back home last month to take a break from the catwalks. But, rebuffed every attempt for an interview, saying she was home to rest. Lets hope the soaring heights of her career has not gone to her head. The next moment she was on the catwalk again for the London and New York fashion week which took place barely three weeks after her visit in Nigeria. Must be a real tough job jetting across continents. From being a school girl in a surulere grammar school to being a paragon of elegance showcasing haute couture for Christian Lacroix and the likes. Without any doubt, our dear girl is a bonafide star for the new generation model. S-h-i-n-e on girl.

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