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Oyibo's formula to cure AIDS, other diseases

Posted by From Laolu Akande, New York on 2004/07/23 | Views: 2656 |

Oyibo's formula to cure AIDS, other diseases

NIGERIAN-BORN but United States (U.S.)-domiciled Nobel Prize in Physics nominee, Prof. Gabriel Oyibo, has said that his discovery of the God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) can lift the black race to higher realms of knowledge and power.

* Nobel prize nominee speaks on achievements

NIGERIAN-BORN but United States (U.S.)-domiciled Nobel Prize in Physics nominee, Prof. Gabriel Oyibo, has said that his discovery of the God Almighty's Grand Unified Theorem (GAGUT) can lift the black race to higher realms of knowledge and power.

The world acclaimed scientist believes that he has found a mathematical-cum-physical solution to many hitherto incurable diseases, particularly the dreaded HIV/AIDS. In an interview with The Guardian in New York, the Igala, Kogi State indigene, has declared that the formula, for which he has received Nobel Prize nomination, could solve the health problems within three years.

Oyibo found answers to mathematical problems popularised by Albert Einstein. He added that the discovery God has enabled him to make as a Nigerian and black man can be used as a tool to reshape the country's image and that of the entire black race.

"We have a prospect for a cure for these diseases, not treatment but a cure," he declared. According to the scientist, the medical method currently in vogue now is to kill the cells carrying, for instance, the damaging virus that attacks the T-cells that lead to AIDS. But GAGUT will prescribe a new method which, according to Oyibo, will "re-tune" the cells instead of killing them.

"GAGUT says turn the bad guys into good by tuning and then make them begin to help the T-cells. You can't kill a virus because it is not a living organism and the virus uses the energy from T-cells to multiply itself. In three years with funding, we can have something out for testing," he said.

Oyibo last week spoke in New York at the opening of a five-day workshop to educate black people about his findings, which he said were being closely studied and followed in the Western World leaving Africans and all black people behind. He observed that while the quest for the answers to the mathematical questions Einstein raised but could not answer before he died was on, no one expected that the answer would come from a black man.

Oyibo's latest book is the number one best seller in the biggest book store in the world, Barnes and Noble under the category of science, engineering and technology, beating the book on Chernobyl nuclear disaster to second place.

Addressing a sparse but rapt audience which included the Governor of Kogi State, Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, Oyibo and his discovery of the ultimate equation on the source of the universe and the answer to the question whether God exists or not, has the potential to put Nigeria on the same pedestal with the eight industrialised nations (G-8). He said already, universities, armed forces and research centres in many of the developed nations were closely understudying his findings trying to maximise their application. The German Armed Forces for instance has been promoting the book on its web site and selling it.

Power, according to him, is one of the factors that separates the G-8 countries from the rest of the world, stressing with intense passion that GAGUT could put the black race in that exclusive world club.

Based on his findings, Oyibo said the biggest bomb ever could be built, a new and efficient source of energy could be found and even cure to hitherto incurable diseases could be discovered.

While opening the workshop, Idris who said he was proud that Oyibo is an Igala man and a Nigerian, promised to update the Federal Government on the findings of Oyibo which has won him wide acclaim in the U.S. and for which he had been summoned for briefing by the U.S. Senate. Education Minister, Prof. Fabian Osuji who will join the workshop today as a keynote speaker is expected to close it at a banquet where Nigeria's Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Ambassador Aminu Wali, is also expected to be the guest of honour among other African dignitaries.

Said Idris, who came with a very light entourage of one, because of visa limitations: "I am thrilled to see this person. I am proud of Oyibo and want him to continue in his efforts. I came to encourage him and give him all the support."

According to Oyibo, he has received hundreds of mails from Nigerians who expressed great excitement on the findings but could not afford to attend the workshop due to visa problems and funding difficulties. For this reason, he said another workshop would be held in October. He revealed that many of those who had contacted him had asked how he could help young Nigerian scientists with his discovery. He said that he would like to bring them to his institute, OFAPPIT, exclusively founded as the home of the GAGUT discovery. The institute, he said, would offer courses and award degrees. Among the audience on Monday were some graduate students in the institute.

The professor of mathematics, who also has a chair at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut, said according to a ranking made by Stanford University for all high-energy Physics institutes in the world, OFAPPIT is included. High energy Physics includes weapons research and other forms of power such as atomic bomb. Some other world-ranked centres listed were Cambridge University, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), DESY and Gottingen University.

Calling for support from African governments, Oyibo said the only African or African-American institution mentioned in that list was OFAPPIT. However, he said the institute would want to apply GAGUT to the pursuit of peace and not just intimidating raw power.

He said since GAGUT came into reckoning in the world of science, a new branch of mathematical physics had been defined by Stanford University called biblical interpretation under the wider category of high energy physics.

Asked to give details on how GAGUT could help in the treatment of incurable diseases such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (HIV/AIDS), cancer, Parkinsons and Alzeimer, Oyibo said he believed that within three years with the right funding, research experiments would conclude on a solution to some of these ailments based on the GAGUT formula.

Oyibo said those willing to join the workshop and banquet should feel free to contact OFAPPIT at, visit his website at or call him on 631 274 5277

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