Grace Ilabor: Woman who lost 3 kids expects triplets

  • Wednesday, December 14, 2005 - By BEIFOH OSEWELE and HENRY CHUKWURAH, Port Harcourt
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Mrs Grace Ilabor, the woman who lost all her three children in the Sosoliso plane
 Mrs Grace Ilabor, the woman who lost all her three children in the Sosoliso plane

Mrs Grace Ilabor, the woman who lost all her three children in the Sosoliso plane crash trusts God to replace all that she has lost.

Although still hysterical when Daily Sun team visited their D-Line, Port Harcourt residence, Mrs Ilabor was optimistic that in no distant time, her wounds would receive God’s soothing balm. So strong was her faith that she is hopeful of having babies within the next one year.

A friend of the family who was among those comforting her as she sat in their sitting room had asked her how she expects her future to be one year from now.
In a reply that attracted a chorus of "Amen" from those around her, Mrs Ilabor said, "there will be cry of babies, even triplets."

She assured that she has not lost faith in her maker even though neither the heartache nor the tears has stopped.
"It is my flesh that is crying but my spirit is praising the Lord.
"I am not contesting with the devil. I know that my God lives."

Walking towards the door and stretching her hands to heaven, she continued: "Papa I thought you said you had a plan for these children and that you would accomplish it. Papa, in the replacement of these children, you would give me great testimonies to tell the world. Papa, whoever had planned to put tears in my eyes, may Almighty God use your white hanky to clean these eyes. Papa, I can’t understand what had just happened.

Plane crash! Is this really a plane crash? Is this just a plane crash (sobs), is it plane crash that has taken this my mighty man (stopping to touch the photo of the son). Papa, it is on record that you do not change. I have told you, before the end of this year, answer me. Papa, answer me. Give me a testimony. I’m holding unto you. Turn around the situation because of me. For my sake oh, God, change around the situation.

My children didn’t just die, occultic men and women they’ve killed my children, God Almighty, do a new thing. Do a mighty thing. Arise for my sake and for the tears on my face oh, God. Father, I have never served any other God but you. You’re God and you do not change. Do a new thing. Do a mighty thing. Let their death turn around to be something new. Can this tear ever stop?

"Pray? I’m still praying this morning, I woke up in emptiness. My six footer son, you just decided to go like that. Hei Chuka… (continues sobbing). My great man (son) I miss you. How can I ever live without you and your sisters."

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