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You're worse than animals!

Posted by VANGUARD on 2003/10/27 | Views: 2552 |

You're worse than animals!

ĽAnglican cleric tells gay bishops The opposition by the Church of Nigeria (CON), Anglican Communion, to the ordina- tion of homos-xuals as bishops by the Anglican Church in the United States (US) and Canada

intensified weekend as a Church of Nigeria bishop dared the gay bishops to tell the whole world if they were not worse than animals in the forest.The Nigerian bishop, Rt. Revd. Tunde Adeleye of the Calabar Diocese, said that animals were more decent and intelligent than the gay bishops.

"How do we explain that such a thing can happen among men? Animals seem to be wiser than men in this case," Adeleye, who spoke at a function to announce the programmes lined up for the synod of his diocese scheduled to hold between October 16 and 19, 2003, pointed out.

The cleric maintained that even animals do not mate with the same s-x, wondering why a church "which is evangelical, orthodox, Bible-based, liturgical and charismatic would go against the Holy Bible".

Said he: "We depend on the word of God from where our faith is daily deepened. The only authority available to us is the bible. We do not find an example of same s-x marriage in the bible for us to follow. Our tradition does not permit it. "This is sad and disgraceful to mankind and the church. It is even more frightening to know that this is coming from the places where the entire world has imagined that civilization emanated from. But if this is the example of civilization that the world must copy and obey, the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) and the Diocese of Calabar would desire to be counted out of it. We will love to limit our civilization and wisdom only to the extent to which the bible permits," Adeleye added.

Condemning the act further, he said homos-xuality "is immoral, sinful and unacceptable to both human beings and animals," adding that those who wish to practise it must be far less than animals. We have no apologies" to offer anyone. He regretted that the entire Anglican Church, in the world was being condemned by other churches, creating the impression that it was a decision that was ordained by every Anglican in the world. "Some non-Anglican churches within the country have repeatedly chorused this event as if it is a decision carried out by the Anglican Communion world wide and practicable or acceptable in Nigeria. I wish to state very categorically that this is not so at all. If the churches who talk about this to spite the Anglican Church will be truthful to themselves, they do know that we (Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion) have continued to condemn it," the cleric stated.

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