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Anyaoku Becomes NCF's Life Fellow

Posted by THISDAY on 2003/10/27 | Views: 472 |

Anyaoku Becomes NCF's Life Fellow

The current President of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and former Secretary-General of the Commonwealth Chief Emeka Annyaoku will be registered, this morning in Lagos, as a life fellow of the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF).

Mr. Paddy Ezeala, NCF's Communication Manager, said the life fellowship is the highest membership category of NCF, and that the event will take place at the NCF headquarters, Lekki by 10.30am. Since assuming the leadership of WWF, the World's largest and foremost environmental conservation organization, two years ago, Anyaoku has been a strident voice against global environmental degradation.

He has been spearheading WWF programmes aimed at reversing actions that reduce the capacity of the planet earth to support decent and meaningful existence.

He has also lent his voice to the ever growing imbalances in trade and resource use between developed and developing countries. This situation according to him has continued to impoverish developing nations thereby limiting their sustainable development possibilities.

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