I’m an Ogboni chief, says Guru Maharaj Ji

  • Tuesday, May 30, 2006 - By TUNDE THOMAS
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He calls himself The Living Perfect Master and the father of creation. His teeming followers believe he is. Even though Christians view the man’s claim as heresy, his followers still adore and worship him in awe. To them, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji is a super being who has no equal.

Such is the larger-than-life image he created among his followers that they now believe his name is the golden key they need to procure divine favour and secure refuge from the powers and principalities of this wicked world. They strongly believe that Satguru Maharj Ji is a fountain of knowledge that people of all races must flock to sop and drink.

However, it appears the myth surrounding the self-styled Living Perfect Master is about to be shattered with his recent installation as a high ranking chief by the Aborigine Ogboni Fraternity Worldwide, a powerful cult that draws its membership among the high and mighty in virtually all fields of human endavour, including religion, in the country and beyond.

With Maharaj Ji’s recent installation, the question that may agitate the minds of his teeming followers would be: how can The Living Perfect Master, the self-acclaimed father of creation, the Alpha and Omega, Messiah and Liberator of Mankind, now subordinate his power and authority and align with a cult and even accept a high-ranking title from it? This, many agree, may make his followers’ faith in him to wane.

But is Sat Guru Maharj Ji a member of the Ogboni fraternity? When Weekly Spectator put this question to him, Maharaj Ji was not equivocal as he instantly declared:
“I am proud to be one of the Ogboni fraternity. I am even more than an ambassador of the Ogbonis. I am like a son to the head of the fraternity.”
An enigma of some sort, Maharaj Ji is not new to controversy. Since his emergence from obscurity to the national limelight over two decades ago, Maharaj Ji has always been in the news. He is never shy of controversy.

To him, there is absolutely nothing wrong in being an Ogboni member as he strongly believes that it is only a few members of the society that are painting Ogboni members in bad light. And that they are doing so out of ignorance of what the fraternity is and what it’s not.
“The fact that I am a member of the Ogboni fraternity does not and cannot remove the fact that I am still The Living Perfect Master,” he declared matter-of-factly. “Others must still come to seek divine knowledge from me. To me, Ogboni members are a blessing to the society. We should not castigate them.”

Guru Maharaj Ji, whose real name is Muhammed Saibu Ajirobatan, hailed from a royal family in Ibadan. According to him, he received divine knowledge while studying in London in 1954.
“During the divine encounter,” he continued, “ I received the light, and was mandated to go and liberate mankind from poverty, oppression and injustice. I was specifically told to return to Nigeria and start the work of the one that sent me.”

On how he came about the name Sat Guru Maharaj Ji, he said: “Unknown to many people, Sat Guru Maharaj Ji is not an Indian name. It is the original, true name of the creator derived from Sankskirt, the mother tongue of creation.”

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