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End of the road for evil merchant

Posted by By Christopher Oji on 2005/07/27 | Views: 2541 |

End of the road for evil merchant

Narcotic agents in Lagos have held an Indian hemp dealer who has been playing a fast game on his customers.

Narcotic agents in Lagos have held an Indian hemp dealer who has been playing a fast game on his customers.
Godspower Ozegbe, who transports the evil weeds for merchants, usually go back to tell them that it had been seized after he had sold it.

Ozegbe, who was among 15 suspected drug traffickers paraded at the agency’s base at Murtala Muhammed Airport, told Daily Sun that he really played on the intelligence of his customers, adding that his motive was to make big money and quit the business.

The Edo State indigene believed that his arrest was a set-up by the people he had offended one way or the other, adding: "Yes, there is no smoke without fire. My detractors betrayed me because I have been in this business for long. The manner in which I was arrested is a question begging for answer. I swear."

As he was speaking, another suspect who was standing beside him shouted at him to stop. He asked: "Why are you regretting now? Why do you think that you will not be caught one day since every day is for the thief and a day for the owner of the farm? You have been playing on people’s intelligence but your sin has now found you out."

At this point, Ozegbe replied: "Do you know what the hell of risk I faced because of you idiots. I have been sincere with you fools but what have I got to show for it. When my taxi broke down, did anyone assist me? Nobody could raise a finger to help, and that was why I got the idea to deal with the bastards.
"Yes, I started dealing with them. I would tell them that my vehicle was impounded and they would disappear. I would just sell the consignment and make cool cash. This is Nigeria. You have to make good use of your brain otherwise you will die wretched. I swear, it was when I started dealing with the idiots that I started making money and became useful to my family and myself.

"You know that the dealers are always afraid to be caught with it. They would just pay me small amount and instruct me on where to drop the hemp and they won’t go with me yet they want absolute loyalty from me. I showed them pepper. Once I tell them say Kasala don burst, Dem go do Ben Johnson run away and I go kill the show alone."

Asked how he felt being paraded, he said: "I feel very sad but at the same time, I know that it is what you sow that you reap. Moreso, life itself is a risk. I thought of so many things before I made up my mind to start up the business. Do you know that on most occasions, I travelled at midnight and early hours of the morning. I used to think supposing I am shot by armed robbers or police or that I had a fatal accident, what would be my fate? But as a guy, who is desperate to make money, you just forge ahead and leave the rest to fate. I am looking for money and it is not easy to come by. You need to work hard."

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