Former militants urge Buhari to rein in supporters

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Former commanders of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND) yesterday during a news conference in Abuja, said, "The outbreak of violence in the northern states and the Federal Capital Territory following President Jonathan's victory in the presidential election is an invitation to chaos." It specifically warned that incitement of youths to violence by some northern leaders was an attempt to provoke them to return to hostilities.

The group, which spoke through its national cordinator, Sobomabo Jackrich, aka General Egbere Papa, wondered why the North "which had always received the support of the South-South and indeed southern Nigeria in previous elections should be wasting innocent lives and property because President Jonathan of South-South extraction has won an election."The North thinks it will remain in power perpetually. From the inception of this country, the South-South region had given the North all the necessary support in previous elections in spite of the fact that we produce the wealth of the nation.Why will the North not reciprocate even in the face of what is now known as the freest and fairest election? We all queued up to vote and we know the election was free and fair. INEC is still announcing election results and people are on rampage killing and maiming," the group noted.

The group, therefore, warned: "We will not fold our hands and watch. We know how to defend ourselves and our resources. By this violence, the North is clearly pushing us and we have a way with violence. Even when we were in the struggle, we never wasted innocent lives. President Jonathan's victory at the polls must remain sacrosanct. General Buhari should call his supporters off the streets before it is too late."

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