Aregbesola defends absence of commissioners in administration

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Four months after Rauf Aregbesola was sworn in as the governor of Osun State, the government claims that it has not appointed commissioners because it is trying to resolve the political crises in the state. According to the spokesperson to the governor, Semiu Okanlawon, The administration of Mr Aregbesola has in the hundred days of being in office achieved more than so many states with commissioners and endless list of political aides. He added that, “you will also recall the kind of challenges we met on ground. The kind of the composition of the House of Assembly, the House of Assembly that even the ordinary list of the local government caretaker committees suffer a kind of hardship that it suffers in their hands, because of the composition.

“You will agree with me that bringing in the list of the commissioners could even bring in a bigger headache. So, rather than giving much energy into how to force the list of the commissioners, which you know that some of the people in the House are going to stand against, then why not concentrate on other things which are going to benefit the people of the state and wait and look for better opportunities when appointing commissioners?” Mr Okanlawon said.

Commissioners’ list to be presented soon

When asked about the relationship between the Osun State legislators and the executive, the speaker, Bello Adejare told NEXT he was at a meeting and would be commenting on the issues when called in a later date.

But speaking on the issue, Sunday Akere, who is the spokesperson of the Action Congress of Nigerian (ACN), said Mr Aregbesola is not afraid of presenting the list to the House of Assembly, claiming that the list will be presented in a matter of days time. “Why would he be afraid of presenting the list? Ogbeni Aregbesola and those working with him has been wonderful and doing fine even without commissioners. Though when we came in the issues in the house was huge, but we all know that we now have equal representation in the House, so why are we going to start waiting for the election before we present the list? Don’t worry, it is a matter of days,” he said Mr. Okanlawon however also argued that “the question here is that even without commissioners, this government has achieved greater feat even than some governors that have commissioners.”

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