Parties back Sanusi over Senate interrogation

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The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) has urged the National Assembly to check itself and make correction upon the allegation of how its spending is affecting national growth, instead of threatening the Central Bank governor, Lamido Sanusi over his lecture comment,

Osita Okechukwu, the National Publicity Secretary of the group said Nigerians respect Mr Sanusi, describing him as the man who exposed the errant bankers who played casino with depositors’ funds.

“We call on the NASS to have a rethink so as to save our democracy which is threatened by the monumental corruption going in the land,” he said. The CNPP “wishes to appeal to our senators and members to, instead of hunting down brave patriots like Sanusi; to graciously embark on soul searching, look inwards and as a matter of urgent national importance remove the specs in their eyes, which regrettably has converted the NASS into a Trade Center.” The group also challenged the lawmakers to publicly tell the world whether they abide by the emolument and allowances benchmark prescribed by the Revenue Mobilization, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC).

No to intimidation

The Congress for Progressive Change, according to its National Publicity Secretary, Aghanya Dennis also joined the call on the National Assembly to publish in details facts concerning the basic salaries and allowances of its members for the sake of enhancing transparency in the public sector.

“This observation has become very necessary in view of the recent summoning of the Central Bank Governor Sanusi by the Senate to explain his claims that 25 per cent of overhead of the government’s revenue is spent on the National Assembly,” the party said. “Instead of summoning him in the usual manner of the National Assembly, his office should have been simply asked to forward its records to substantiate his claims.” The party further called on Nigerians not to be intimidated by the incessant summoning by the National Assembly.

Meanwhile the Executive Director of the Democratic Action Group, Muhammad Mustapha said his group supports Mr Sanusi and will resist any attempt to victimise him over his recent comment on the expenditure of the National Assembly.

He told journalists in Kano that current effort by the National Assembly to personalize the issue is ‘unwholesome and totally unacceptable’.

“We need a trusted and courageous person who will say the truth and stand by it, people who will look at the eyes of those at the helm of affairs and tell them the naked truth and Sunusi Lamido is one such rare specie that we treasure,” Mr Mohammed said.

He stressed that Nigeria’s underdevelopment is rooted in corruption in high places, adding that Nigerians are tired of misappropriations of tax payers money.

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