Party reviews manifesto ahead of polls

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The All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) is reviewing its manifesto ahead of the 2011 general elections to conform to the developmental needs of the country, its national chairman, Ogbonnaya Onu, said yesterday in Abuja.

The ANPP chairman disclosed this while receiving a delegation of the leadership of the South East Youths Association in Northern Nigeria.

According to him, the party’s programmes on education and youth development are inadequate.

“Our manifesto is under review and by the time we have completed it, it will be clear to Nigerians where we stand on education and others things,” Mr Onu said.

The chairman said that the ANPP is determined to make a difference in governance, stressing that the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has given the country bad leadership in years that it has been in power.

Noting that the problems of the country are self-inflicted, Mr Onu expressed regret that in the last four months, state-owned universities in the South East geo-political zones have been on strike, and called on governors in the zone to re-open the schools.

“As we talk, the state government universities in the South East are still closed for four months, it is very disturbing,” he said. “The teachers are asking for a living wage. We in ANPP have called the governors to enter into discussion with these lecturers.

“Even if you can’t meet all their needs, you can meet some. We can’t explain why they should joke with youth education. We ask that they open those universities in the interest of the state, in the interest of Nigeria and the youths.”

Youth award

Mr Onu also criticised the country for aiming at becoming one of the world’s 20 biggest economies, saying instead “we should be looking at being the 13 and above.” He, however, stated that the task may not be achieved if the resources of the nation’s youth are not fully utilized.

Earlier, the National President of the South East Youth Association in Northern Nigeria, S.U. Njoemena, said the delegation had come to inform Mr Onu of his nomination for the award of “Excellent Leadership.”

Stating that the award will be bestowed on Mr Onu at an elaborate ceremony later this month in Abuja, Mr Njoemena noted that the ANPP boss was nominated because he is a renowned politician.

“The association sat down and took an acetic view of a cross section of South East personalities and found that you are most worthy to be given this honour,” he said. “Sir, this award comes on the heels of our recognition of your outstanding leadership qualities which were brought to bear when you became a governor of the old Abia State, We believe you played a very significant role in bringing about the eventual creation of Ebonyi State.”

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