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The Falconents definitely conquered in Germany, and the women in Nigeria decided to rub in the failure of our senior national team, the super chickens, through their elaborate celebration of our girls who we, in the spirit of patriotism, agree are all under 20.

Here in Abuja, where the Falconets were warmly received by the Ministers of Women Affairs and Education, amongst other dignitaries, girls were recently banned from one of the oldest trades in the world: ashawo, opio, prostitution or commercial sex work. The FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed, was kind enough to extend some form of amnesty to those girls who are willing to give up the trade and, like the militants in the Niger Delta, submit their weapons of mass destruction, distraction or attraction and take up new noble trades of hairdressing, tailoring and others.

The women were apparently banned from only their nocturnal activities, because the mandate to arrest them only holds for those low class ones who stand in different corners of Abuja at night to wait for their customers. Law enforcement officers were empowered to arrest both the traders and the buyers when caught in the act of peddling, which might be a bit difficult to prove, unless the he-goat is caught directly on top of the she-goat. Even at that, it might be hard to prove that the girl is not a girlfriend or even wife, with our popular Abuja marriage where young men and even old men and ladies live together on credit; that is, without carrying out the normal traditional marriage rites.

However, since men have learnt to shoot without missing, the birds have learnt to fly without perching. The operations of the night girls have continued unabated, with the help of GSM technology. One call and the customers know where, when and how to meet. More recently, though, the dress culture of our youth has muddled up the waters. It is very difficult to tell a street girls from a supposedly well brought up girl on our streets, with about 70 per cent of our women revealing body parts as their style of dressing.

This, dear reader, is the drift of my script. The number of ‘indecent dressers’ have since multiplied 10-fold in Abuja. I watched some ladies on national television talking about women’s right and one of them, while answering the question of the presenter as it concerns indecent dressing, said, “Women should be allowed to dress the way they like”.

Stealing is their style

Every ordered and dignified society that wants to genuinely progress and be reckoned with does not allow its people to dress the way they like. Even in America where people are mostly free to do the things they like, there are some restrictions in the dress culture of the youth in certain universities.

Have we not seen what happens to a people who talk the way they like? Sleep the way they like or drink the way they like? You cannot even laugh or eat the way you like once you are outside your home. So, if you dress the way you like, you should be prepared to reap the consequences. Our society is already bedevilled with men who steal and loot the way they like, and some women want to support them by dressing the way they like?

It is the thunder that announces to the blind that it is going to rain. If these kinds of women are not stopped from talking the way they like on national television, it might take earthquakes, tsunamis and wild bush fires to announce to us our impending doom. Let those who have ears hear.

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