Sculptor advocates more galleries across Nigeria

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A sculptor with Universal Studio of Arts, Iganmu, Lagos, Patrick Agose, on Monday urged government to establish more galleries in the country.

Mr. Agose told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that such institutions would promote and encourage visual artists to take their works to the grassroots.

He urged policy makers to encourage visual art by ensuring that every state government build galleries for the collection and preservation of visual art works.

“We seem to pay so much attention to other sectors of the economy to the detriment of areas such as visual arts, which could generate revenue if given equal opportunity,” he said.

Mr. Agose, who is in charge of training students on industrial attachment in the studio, said it would be a disservice to an artist if he had no gallery to showcase his work.

“A gallery is a place where visual art works, which are self-expression and intellectual properties, are displayed and appreciated. It is at the galleries that such works attract patronage and promote cultural exchange”, he said.

According to him, the few available galleries are owned by private individuals who make a fortune from the sale of visual art works.

“There is an urgent need for the government to revisit the art sector because this is one avenue of promoting our culture as well as a source of revenue for national development.

“In other countries, the economy is driven by arts, especially visual arts, as super models of automobiles being produced and driven around the world are all products of the visual artists,” Agose said.

He argued that visual arts appreciate faster than shares, as an art work acquired currently at N70, 000 could sell for as much as N500, 000 a few years later.

He noted that with the economic meltdown, many investors were currently investing in visual arts, rather than buying shares.

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