Systems Engineer Slashes Brother’s Throat

  • Friday, January 09, 2009 - By Jamiu Yisa
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A 23-year-old systems engineer, Earnest Koyaya, has admitted killing his half brother, Joshua Koyaya, 8, simply to spite his father and stepmother, Mr. and Mrs. Koyaya, who allegedly treat him like a slave.

The Delta state indigene, who resides at Satellite Town, in Oriade Local Council Development Area of Lagos state, however, explained that though the deceased was brought up to disrespect him, he had no reason to deliberately kill him.

According to the murder suspect, who was looking frail in his cell at the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Yaba, Lagos,: “I killed Joshua in anger. I did not mean to kill him, but the way I drove the knife across his throat made blood gush out in an astonishing manner and before I could call for help, he had died”.

”When I discovered that he had died, I quickly mixed some poisonous concoctions and drank it to kill myself. But I woke up in the hospital before it could do more harm to me,” he said.

Speaking on what led to the unfortunate incident, he said: “On the day I killed Joshua, I had just come back from work. I kept a cup of water on the table in preparation to eat. He came in and kicked the table and the cup of water fell.

“I called him to know why he did what he did and that he should come and clean up the mess, but he refused. And then, I threatened to kill him. He shouted that I cannot do him anything and that when his mommy comes back, he would report that I wanted to kill him.

“So, with anger, I dashed to the kitchen, grabbed a knife and before I knew what was happening, I drove the knife across his throat and he died,” narrated the 23-year-old engineer.

Speaking on his relationship with his stepmother, Mrs. Victoria Koyaya, he said he grew up to know her as his mother, but later discovered that she had been maltreating him all the while, adding that she usually cast aspersions on him at every slight opportunity.

“My father has all the money to send me to a good school, but my stepmother usually advised him against giving me good education. Instead, he sent me to a public secondary school, even when Joshua was put in one of the best schools in Satellite Town. It took the intervention of one of my uncles before I could be sent to a computer school to study systems engineering.

”My father’s wife always tells me that if my mother was a good woman, my father would not have come to her. That my mother was a witch and died of her evil deeds. In fact, she told me several unprintable things about my mother and it makes me sad and angry,” he said.

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