Banks use our girls for prostitution — NYSC

  • Friday, October 31, 2008 - Mansur Oladunjoye
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The National Youth Service Corps [NYSC] has lamented the way banks in Nigeria use corps members posted to them for prostitution to woo customers. He said banks caught in this web are always rejecting any male corps member posted to them for the compulsory one year service, irrespective of the academic brilliance of such members.

Speaking yesterday at the meeting the press forum organized by the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Lagos State council, the coordinator of the scheme, Anthony Ani, said his office had picked unending disagreement with some notable banks because of the way female corps members are being abused.

He said the concerned Banks often compel the corps members sent to them to undergo another test before being considered for acceptance, but would ensure that only females are given acceptance letter.

He said: "Banks are using our female corps members as prostitutes to get clients. We noticed that it is only our females that often have their needed ‘statistics’ no matter how good the males are."

Recalling his experiences with the banks, he said: "When I just came to Lagos State, the identified banks were rejecting our male corps members but secretly issuing acceptance letters to our females, I stopped the practice by refusing to post any corps members to banks."

He, however, the secretariat had reconciled with the banks after it was obvious that they had shown remorse, "They have come to me for reconciliation because obviously my action had eaten deep into them."

Ani condemned the attitude of some parents who always lobby and influence the posting of their wards to choice companies, saying such attitudes run in sharp contrast to the aims and objectives of the founding fathers of the scheme which was to make every Nigerian youth available and acquaint himself with other environments other than his immediate society.

He said though the scheme had achieved a lot within the last 35 years of its existence n, "There is still room for improvement because all we are talking about is developmental which is not static," he said.

He defended the high population of corps members in Lagos State, saying it was influenced by the high absorptive capacity of the state characterized by the large number of companies including the concession often given to married memberes and those with disabilities.

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