Wives material are scarce, says Pastor Ayanwale

  • Monday, June 30, 2008 - By PADE OLAPOJU
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In his own submission, the Associate Pastor of Triumphant Christian Centre, Oregun, Lagos, Akinade Ayanwale, said, “Since it is the men that propose marriage in our society, most men are not even thinking of marriage now for financial reasons.

The level of poverty in Nigeria is high. Because of the responsibility involved in Marriage, men tend to shun this in situation until they are financially stable. Most men would prefer to be comfortable, to attain a certain level of achievements before considering marriage.

Another reason why men shun marriage is that most ladies are not wives materials. They do not possess good characters, which most men look for in their wives-to-be. Guys are looking for God-fearing ladies that they can trust.”

Sleeping around
He continued: “Also you discover that once a man has been sleeping with a lady, he finds it difficult to marry her because she has lost her value. The guy will have no respect for her again. His thinking is that if he marries such a loose lady, other men are likely to sleep with his wife. These days, one-year relationships without sex is difficult to find. But it is left to ladies to keep their dignity intact.”

Then, nobody wants to marry a liability. A lady without education and no visible means of livelihood praying earnestly for a husband must do a re-think first because men run away from avoidable responsibility. Men look for spouses that can assist them in taking care of the home and family.

Career girls
Career ladies find it difficult to get husbands, as men detest ladies they cannot control. Because they earn more than their men, these ladies want to control their spouses. A responsible man will avoid this and that is why most career ladies remain unmarried. Guys are afraid of them.

Family background also dictates to guys and girls who to marry. Forget whether they are born-again or not. It takes the grace of God for any guy or girl that comes from a rich family background to marry just anybody. Most of the time, it is the family that dictates to their children the type of person to marry. This causes late marriages for these sets of people.

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