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Gold-Diggers Hunt For Albinos' Hair

Posted by BY OMOLOLU KASSIM on 2004/07/17 | Views: 544 |

Gold-Diggers Hunt For Albinos' Hair

Red alert: Gold-diggers are now hunting for albinos' hair to make millions of naira

Red alert: Gold-diggers are now hunting for albinos' hair to make millions of naira

PA SALISU Dada, father of three albinos who resides at Idimu on the outskirts of metropolitan Lagos, explains albinos possess properties which facilitate the accumulation of fabulous wealth.

" Put an albino in the midst of thousands people and you can easily spot him. Translate this into spiritual terms, the vibration which an albino generates is an irresistible attraction for outstanding success both in the spiritual and material spheres", Pa Salisu said.

When contacted for comments on this rather sensitive issue, a popular herbal medical practitioner who practises at Idimu in the outskirts of Lagos declined to speak. He however, said that albinos are special people.

Pa Salisu Dada confirmed that he had been persuaded to worship at the shrine of Obatala in order to avert the incidence of albinism in his family.He said that it was probably because of his negligence of this admonition that such a high incidence of albinism hit his family.He said he is aware that ritualists use albinos' hair for prosperity drive

An albino, Ikechukwu Okwudisi said he does not really bother his head about ritualists picking his hair for use. "I leave myself to God's protection. God's protection is the greatest armour against mischief makers. Can you really protect yourself

If God protects you, who can harm you
," he philosophied.
As for Oladele Dada, another albino who lives in Idimu, the hair is about the most precious part of his body. "My mother does my barbing for me. I never get careless with my hair."

Asked why she prefers barbing her hair to plaiting it, his sister Iyabo said: "The school's regulation insists on barbing. Otherwise, I would have preferred plaiting my hair." She explains further that since prevention is better than cure, she makes sure that her hair does not go into the public after barbing.

When this reporter called at a barbing saloon in Mushin, the barber who pleaded anonymity explained that albinos who patronise him never bother to pack their hair after barbing. And the wastes are swept along with those of other customers.

All said, some albinos are on their guard against possible abuse of their hair while some others leave their fate in the hands of God.

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