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Tunde Bakare: Here is a record of PTBs prophecies over the past couple of years:

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Tunde Bakare: Here is a record of PTBs prophecies over the past couple of years:

Tunde Bakare: Here is a record of PTBs prophecies over the past couple of years:

Here is a record of PTBs prophecies over the past couple of years:


The vision is to be plainly publicised so that "… he may run who reads it." It is therefore in this spirit that we present here some of the prophetic utterances that have been made through Pastor Tunde Bakare in recent history. It is imperative to mention here that the Prophetic dimension of Pastor Tunde Bakare's ministry at present somehow has a primary focus on the nation Nigeria.
At a time when he had nearly concluded arrangements to relocate out of the country, God intercepted the project. In an open vison, God told him: "Nigeria is your Primary place of assignment, Go back; PRAY, PREACH and PROPHESY until revival comes". The threshold of the prophetic presence in Nigeria's political terrain was in 1993. A number of other declarations have since followed. Some are already fulfilled while some others are still pending. Whatever the Lord says, "… though it tarries, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry."


Before Chief M.K.O Abiola contested for the presidential election in 1993, Pastor Bakare made prophetic pronouncements dissuading him from participating in the election. "Is there no old man in MKO's house to restrain him because once he begins, he will not come out alive?" Bakare declared. M.K.O. Abiola languished in prison for daring to declare himself the democratically elected President of Nigeria and died in questionable circumstances at the end of it.

In April 1993, while Nigerians eagerly awaited the emergence of a democratically elected president, Pastor Tunde Bakare came with the shocking prophecy that neither of the two existing political parties, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) nor the National Republican Convention (NRC) will attain political power. By the prompting of God, he declared, "SDP will fail, be cut off and swallowed up. The military will fall. Verdict '93: Our God reigns". Eleven days after the June 12 presidential election, General Ibrahim Babangida, then Military President, annulled the election.

In June that same year,Pastor Bakare shared a vision God showed him during a church service at the church. He saw, "two pieces of meat hanged by a tiny thread with labels on them. One piece was labeled SDP; the other was labeled NRC. Then a fat cat dressed in the camouflage uniform of the Nigerian Army came and swallowed up both of them. Then came an arrow from heaven and pierced the cat." He explained that IBB would step down but the cat that was coming would annihilate the political structures. Nobody would be able to remove the cat but an arrow from heaven would pierce him through.

When the exit of General Ibrahim Babangida (IBB) from power was uncertain, Pastor Bakare prophesied that either on or before 27th August 1993, he (IBB) would make mistakes that would make him go. Eventually, IBB stepped aside and the Interim National Government chaired by Ernest Shonekan was installed. Dr. Bakare prophesied that the Interim National Government was the "Ishbosheth factor"; a mere stopover. While the press was busy singing the praise of Late General Sanni Abacha as a well-trained soldier through and through, one who was apolitical and not interested in ruling the nation, Pastor Bakare saw the events that were to come. He led the church to pray one theme: "Abacha; that which you want to do, do it quickly." Just as Ishbosheth was disgraced and his head cut off, so would the regime of Ernest Shonekan. Abacha eventually seized power from Shonekan through a palace coup in November 1993.

When General Sani Abacha took over the rein of governance in Nigeria, Dr. Bakare declared according to the revelation of God to him that the character of the new ruler is represented in Psalm 36. When his tenure in power is reviewed, the man clearly lived up to the character represented in those blessed pages

The humiliation of the Sokoto caliphate in 1995 was also foretold by word of prophesy. In Pastor Bakare's words: "1995 is the year of the unprecedented humiliation of the Sokoto caliphate. Its influence in the sociopolitical setup of Nigeria will not only wane, it will die. This (the then) Sultan will not be there by the end of the year". Also, there would be a strong famine, pestilence, and desert encroachment in the northern part of Nigeria. Gen. Abacha being the instrument of fulfillment threw the Sultan into confinement.

On the destiny of Abacha's transition programme, Dr. Bakare had this to say: "In an open vision, I saw over thirty political heavyweights jostling for the presidency of the country. Even with their money, manipulators set in to tamper with election results, which brought in confusion into the whole process. Three ugly things will characterize the transition programme - betrayals, deception and intrigues while the gullible and the desperate will have their political career terribly shattered". The most disastrous of the entire programme according to Dr. Tunde Bakare was that, "the gullible and the desperate will have their political past and future sidetracked, and many of them will be kept permanently in the tunnel." The nation witnessed the fulfillment of these prophecies.

On the alleged coup of December 1997, Dr. Bakare prophesied after death sentence had been passed on the alleged coupists by the trial tribunal and the nation was expecting their execution thus: "just before the killer will kill, he himself shall be killed - expect the night-before miracle"

At the 1997 Christian National Conference in Kampala, Uganda, Pastor Bakare prophesied that "instead of AIDS, God was bringing aid to the people of Uganda." Present in this gathering were some 18,000 Christians from all over East Africa including President Musoveni, Federal Ministers and other government functionaries. A month later, among other financial aids, United States of America wrote off debts of Uganda and gave her financial aid.

Dr Bakare had shared with the congregation a vision early 1998 in which he saw General Abacha dying in the midst of two foreign women. In the same vision he saw the shoes of Bill Clinton, the United States of America President, replaced with tissue papers. The Monica Lewinsky saga became blown thereafter.

Afterwards, he declared ceaselessly that,"The tender mercies of the wicked are cruel, Abacha, your time is up". During the same period, at a Conference of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches (COPAC) in Kano, Pastor. Bakare prophesied that, "it was not the first time that the corpse of a head of state would be brought to Kano for burial and it would not be the last. And that the city of Kano should expect the corpse of another Head of State" Abacha died in the early hours of June 8, 1998. According to the prophecy - the cat was pierced through by the arrow from above- The end of a tyrannical rule.

Following General Abubakar's appointment as the Head of State after the death of General Abacha, Pastor. Bakare declared to the nation. Thus saith the Lord; "Abubakar is Saul". According to him, " if General Abubakar will yield to God and serve according to the will of God, he will become the midwife who will be instrument to the birth of David. Through him, a new nation will emerge. But if he has the fear of death and continues as he has said with programme of General Abacha, he will fall with his Armour bearers".

March 7, 1999.
On March 7, 1999, the following the election of General Olusegun Obasanjo as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Pastor. Bakare raised the voice of the Spirit saying, "in a vision, I eavesdropped on the conversation going on in the Heaven. I saw Jesus on the throne called the seat of the Governor and the subject they were discussing was Nigeria. This was what came out of the lips of the Lord:

"Rejoice not oh land, or your joy will be temporary. For I am bringing the nation - Nigeria, the rulers, the priests and the prophets there to my threshing floor. I will judge Saul and his comrades, and after I have finished my purging, then I will restore to you permanent joy" Obasanjo is not your messiah. He is King Agag and the prophetic axe will fall upon his head before May 29.

And I asked. "Lord. How are you going to judge Saul and what has he done?"

God said, "I sent him on an assignment to overtake, to recover, to demolish but he didn't. He spared the fat calves, he spared the big sheep and he brought Agag back to Jerusalem. I will judge Saul and his comrades and after I have finished my purging, then your joy will be permanent"

Pastor Bakare warned that if General Obasanjo were eventually sworn in, either by omission or commission, three things would characterize his regime:
The family situation in Nigeria will collapse
Just like in the days of Ahab, there will be economic crimes perpetrated more than ever before
The occult movement will gain momentum that it will almost become impossible to stop it.
This came to pass during the first term of this regime. The level of blood letting under this regime remains unparalleled in Nigeria’s history, save the civil war years.


Sunday service, June 3 2001, Dr. Bakare made a declaration from God: "Son of man, announce to those who will hear, declare my word to those who will listen, proclaim to all what I am about to do: Vacancy! Vacancy!! Vacancy!!!" says the Spirit of the Lord
"the sound of rejoicing and the sound of wailing in your nation will manifest at the same time. I will suddenly remove and take away the princes I have not chosen and the prophets I did not send. There shall be a vacuum for a moment and there shall be order in a little while, and I will bring princes to power and my prophet shall hear my word. I will no longer hide myself from your people. And the sound of rejoicing shall envelope the nation" says the Spirit of the Lord

•January 1, 2002.
Dr. Bakare described 2002 as "the year of suddenlies, it will be both sporadic and bewildering; it is a year characterised by sudden happenings, master minded by the invisible hand of God. It will fall one upon the other that the hearts of men will fail them…"
He said further "from November 2001, the Lord said to me that Nigeria has shifted gear from the threshing floor to the valley of slaughter, which will be both political, economic and spiritual. He spoke directly into my heart and said within 100 days and 100 ways, I will do a thing that will break the power of hindrances and opposition in the lives of my people"
A series of calamities tore through the nation. The Attorney General of the Federation was brutally murdered in December 2001. Terrible explosions ripped though the munitions dump of the Ikeja military cantonment killing thousands. While the nation was still reeling from the blasts, another ethnic clash erupted in Lagos claiming numerous lives and property. Fear gripped the land. National Encomium, a soft sell weekly magazine did a recap of Pastor Bakare’s recent prophecies and arrived at its own interpretation that the 100th day (going by human calendar) was February 28 2002, the event would be the assumption of power by long expected "tender plant, the man from Adamawa". There was commotion at the seat of power as a result of this. The principal actors made sure the National Encomium’s projected 28th February doomsday scenario did not meet them in Nigeria.

While this was going on, Dr. Bakare had declared to the church; "I saw one who has become a political demagogue pursuing the prophet of God wanting to kill him at all cost; I see in that vision that the prophet will hide here, the man will come with his troops, but all of a sudden, the one that was pursuing became pursued".

February 28 came and passed and nothing of the sort happened. Pastor Bakare was away in Ghana when he called his lawyer, Chief Gani Fawehinmi to inform him of his arrival back in Lagos and that he might be arrested on arrival. He was arrested upon arrival by the SSS, and released hours later after interrogation.


January 1, 2003.
Dr Bakare described 2003 as "The year of unusual happenings…"
"Towards the end of the second quarter of the year 2002, I had a terrifying vision. In the vision, I was by a swimming pool alone and I was about to swim. The moment I jumped into the pool to begin to swim, the concrete slab of my swimming pool split into two and the water of the pool carry me towards the fence of my residence. The moment the water hit my residence, it split into two and it became a big river. I was not in charge of the river anymore. The river took me to a place where I saw unusual creatures. They were crabs but they had no shells; every part of them was like the flesh of fish. But what was unusual about these creatures is that everyone of them spoke in one accord with a human voice. They said to me,

"Welcome to the colony of witches."

I started wondering what I was doing there. Then they said to me,

"Do not disturb us because it is not yet our time"

But something in me could not wait. I took one of them with a fist, smashed it. I came round and I discovered I was in my room. God did not speak to me about the vision until December 2002. He began to explain the vision to me. The first split - is unusual happenings.

I announce the 'God factor' to you in the politics of Nigeria in the year 2003. The punch of Jehovah God Almighty will smash the citadel of witches. All those who gang up to ruin this nation, the punch of Jehovah will scatter them.
In my prayers the Lord said to me, unusual happenings, unusual openings and unusual miracles. The hearts of men will fail them this year because their hopes will be dashed; they thought they are in charge. Expect the 'God factor' this year. This is the year when the land will vomit those that think they have Nigeria in their pocket "Expect the 'God factor".

The year 2003 lived up to its billing as the year of unusual happenings worldwide. Among others, it was the year the US led a rag tag "coalition of willing" nations amidst worldwide condemnation on a unilateral invasion of Iraq over weapons of mass destruction (WMD), weapons that are yet to be unearth amidst intrigue and counter accusations. It was the year the US armed forces suffered more casualties after the cessation of hostilities than during the war itself.

In Nigeria the macabre political dance in Anambra state that started with the July 10 abduction of the executive governor of the state is yet

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