Hi-TV plans Nigeria’s biggest reality show

  • Friday, April 25, 2008 - By Sun News Publishing
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A shake-up in Nigeria’s entertainment circuit appears to be in the offing with hints that Nigeria’s premier pay-TV brand, Hi-TV, has struck a deal with Dudu Productions to package a new television reality programme.

Sources that participated in negotiations leading to the collaboration claim that the show would be beaming to Nigerian homes soon.

The new reality show, according to the sources, is distinct from any previous effort in the country, and perhaps in the entire African continent, because a comprehensive appraisal was conducted to arrive at an entirely different offering that everyone would applaud as creative and entertaining.

Excerpts from the script indicates that it will focus on national integration through the discovery of the real Nigerian from among contestants to be selected from each of the country’s geo- political zones. The inmates will live together in the house for several weeks.

In its packaging, the ‘Nigerian’ TV reality show refreshingly re-enacts a skilful presentation of the god/supernatural-man relationship in the house, represented in the form of the ‘Governing Voice;’ that comments on the individual housemates.

The house is expected to be a microcosm of Nigeria, and hence is to be expected democratic instruments such as a leader or president of the neighbours who commands respect from the others.
The objectives of the TV reality show, it was further gathered, are to portray the evolution of a patriotic, responsive, productive and unprejudiced Nigerian. In the light of this, there are to be included in the list- symbolic games, chores and roles to be performed by the neighbours, as a demonstration of their understanding of the culture, commerce, folklore and peculiar problems that bedevil Nigeria.

The ‘Nigerian’ television reality show comes at a point in the history of the nation, when the country is constantly struggling with problems of religion, tribal, cultural alienation, unrest fuelled by suspicion, dearth of infrastructure and role models the youths of the country can readily identify with and most importantly, attitudinal change.

From inception, HiTV says it has placed Nigerian and her citizens at the core of its activities, with all its programmes geared at the benefit of Nigerians. Chief amongst this include: the bringing of the Premier League closer to the teeming fans in the country, abundance of family –oriented, religious, entertaining and informative programmes that all aim at moulding the ‘ renaissance’ Nigerian.

In addition, the company has also reduced the price of its system drastically in order to make it more affordable to majority of the people. From a N20,000, the price was adjusted to N9,999 in order that the target audience (the low income earners previously denied the opportunity of watching pay TV) will benefit.

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