‘Jomo Gbomo’: Ijaw leader threatens war over his fate

  • Tuesday, February 19, 2008 - By Paul Omo Obadan
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Henry Okah
 Henry Okah
Foremost Ijaw human rights activist and co-ordinator of Ijaw Monitoring Group, Comrade Joseph Eva, has raised the alarm against what he describes as Federal Government’s silence on the whereabouts of Henry Okah, aka Jomo Gbomo.

Jomo Gbomo, leader of the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta (MEND) was weekend reportedly extradited by the Angola government along with another MEND member, Eduardo Atata.

The duo was accused of involvement in terrorist attacks on oil companies and gunrunning.
But Eva, opening a new vista on the riveting case yesterday alleged of plans to silently “eliminate Jomo Gbomo and Atata.
He warned that should the suspected militants die, “the whole of the Niger-Delta will go up in flames.”

“The most important thing is that, he (Jomo Gbomo) is innocent and was held for over three months without trial; our fear is that the Federal Government might eliminate him without trace.
“The Federal Government has not told the whole world where Herny Okah (Jomo Gbomo) is being kept since his arrival in Nigeria so that his people can know which security agency to hold responsible in case anything happens to him.

“All that the Ijaw nation is interested in at this moment is that the Federal Government should come out and tell us which of the security agencies is keeping Henry Okah and which part of the country he is being kept because we don’t want him to be killed quietly the same way he was brought into the country without the knowledge of his people.”

He averred that the MEND leaders’ extradition was a set up between the Angolan and Nigerian government.
He wondered why the Federal Government had not told the nation the whereabouts of Jomo Gbomo, whether he is with the SSS, NIA or the Customs.
Jomo Gbomo, it was learnt, was brought into Lagos by the Angolan government and handed over to the Nigerian security agents.

Interpol Luanda senior police officer, Eduardo Augusto confirmed the extradition to Angola’s news agency, ANGOP.
It will be recalled that the spokesman of the dreaded MEND was last year arrested and detained in Angola over allegations of attempting to ship a large cache of arms and ammunition for the use of his group in Nigeria.
Though his group had alleged frame-up, the Federal Government of Nigeria has since then said it would have nothing to do with his case and that he should face the music in Angola.

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