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Misguided views on Imo governor

Posted by By Eweliwe Ahaiwe, Owerri on 2007/07/03 | Views: 442 |

Misguided views on Imo governor

There is a biblical saying that "by their fruits, we shall know them." This biblical expression shares essence with another biblical quotation: "From the abundance of the heart speaketh the mouth."

There is a biblical saying that "by their fruits, we shall know them." This biblical expression shares essence with another biblical quotation: "From the abundance of the heart speaketh the mouth." The above quotations aptly describe the mind-set of the security adviser to the former Governor Achike Udenwa, Chief Zeek Martins Nnadozie, as published in a national newspaper under the caption: "Ohakim must mind the company he keeps."

To say the least, it is most uncharitable, wicked and callous for any right-thinking person, at this point in time, to insinuate as Nnadozie tried to do in that interview, that the new Imo helmsman, Chief Ikedi Ohakim, is hobnobbing with people of questionable character.

It is borne out of orchestrated ill-feelings for anyone to say that the state is witnessing an increasing trend in the influx of people of bad character into the state since Ohakim mounted the saddle of the state leadership even when there is no proof of such influx and no pointer to such people.
The questions the reporter and Nnadozie failed to ask themselves are: How did he engineer the return of 419 men and how come such engineering of 419 men mean that he, the governor himself, is a 419 man?
Perhaps, the said reporter and Nnadozie need to be reminded about a common saying: "That success has a thousand fathers, while failure is an orphan."

Did they expect the governor to make an announcement on who should attend his inauguration and who should not? Come to think of it, by what means did they expect him to regulate attendance to public functions involving him? They should have also explained by citing specific instances of how the governor was keeping bad company.

Now, if Nnadozie sees himself as a good kinsman to the governor, why did he not approach him on one-on-one basis instead of rushing to the pages of newspaper, ostensibly to malign and impugn the immaculate reputation of our revered governor?
Since, according to him, he and a few others were instrumental to making him the governor, what are the basic specific issues he can point to as the failings of the governor based on which it became imperative to impugn him on the pages of newspaper? If Nnadozie is, indeed, talking about credibility and integrity, what kind of integrity does he himself have with series of petitions flying all-around town questioning his eligibility to contest council chairmanship seat?

It comes to mind that all those who genuinely assisted in the efforts that produced Ikedi Ohakim as governor need not go to the pages of newspaper to advertise themselves. This is because they see themselves as Godís instrument to achieve a divine objective for the betterment of the state. To such people, their happiness draws more from the good work they have rendered to God and humanity than for any profiteering tendency.

There is no doubt that the people of Imo State have absolute confidence in the ability of Chief Ohakim to take the state to the promised land. So far, he is on the right track. Attempts to stampede him to do the wrong things will fail. Ultimately, Imo State will be better and its people happier. This is far more to it than efforts to cajole him to take the wrong initiative. Surely, Imo will be greater under him. The cabinet of our dream will be composed with men and women of impeccable character, transparent personality and inspiring personage. The yardstick should not be how well one does in tourism, sycophancy and brigandage. These traits now remain a character of the past as we embrace the new face of Imo.

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